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Episode 5

Interview: Teleica Kirkland, Costume Institute of the African Diaspora (CIAD)

We chat to Teleica, director of the Costume Institute of the African Diaspora (CIAD), about their research and work.

Read more about CIAD on their website & follow on Facebook for updates about upcoming events, including their upcoming CIAD Exchange in the Autumn.

Review: Costume Society Conference 2017: Writing Fashion

We discuss our highlights from Day 1 of the Costume Society conference, especially Elizabeth Way’s talk on respectability politics in the novels of 19th century African American authors, and Lucy Johnston’s description of 19th century rural working class dress in the Thomas Hardy Archive.

Anushka presented a chapter from her Masters dissertation at this conference, and we discuss the importance of recording everyday dress and the social histories of non-elite peoples.

Click here to access the programme for the 2-day conference.

Discussion: What is Fashion Studies now?

We ponder the state of fashion education, and why there is so much focus on desining for elite couture clients, rather than the masses. Siân attended the LCF Transnational Research Hub’s conference Fashion & Politics. We are briefly sidetracked by Jeremy Corbyn’s style (via Vogue online).

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