The cultural theory of uniforms

Deconstructing Fashion Podcast
Episode 4

What we’re wearing: work dress codes

As the summer weather necessitates a change of attire, we discuss restrictions in our dress choices at work. When we spend so much of our time at work, how do we negotiate the desire to express elements of our personality amongst unspoken dress codes and practical restraints?

What they’re wearing: School boys don skirts as protest

In June, teenage schoolboys in Exeter donned skirts to protest the lack of a summer uniform for boys. Their demand for shorts was successful! We reminisce about summer school uniforms, synthetic fibres being the background to teenage memories.

The debate: do uniforms really work?

Do uniforms truly create a sense of unity, or do they simply highlight the desire to look for difference, however minute?

In a practical sense, does the limit on choices allow more or fewer opportunities to express and demonstrate our individuality?

We suddenly realise that each of us are recording wearing our own uniforms: jeans & T-shirt, colourful dresses, or all black!

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Image source: BBC/Apex via the Guardian 
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