How to dress for summer + Balenciaga at the V&A

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Costume Society Conference, 30 June – 2 July 2017

Anushka will present her Masters thesis ‘The Samfu Suit 1920-1979’ on Saturday 1 July. Click here for more information & tickets.

Deconstructing Fashion Episode 3

What we’re wearing: summertime dressing

We consider the seasonal action of flashing bare skin during the summertime. Are tattoos still shocking today, and what are the cultural distinctions between dressed and undressed skin?

Recommended reading: ‘The Fashioned Body’ by Joanne Entwistle

The debate: what’s the place of fashion magazines today?

Last month, we attended a study day at the Courtauld Institute of Art’s journals archive called ‘Reading Fashion Magazines‘. We discuss memories of magazine reading and collecting, and think about how trends are created in the digital era. How much longer can magazines last?

Exhibition review: Balenciaga – Shaping Fashion at the V&A

With a focus on cut and workmanship, this exhibition did a great job of showcasing Balenciaga’s talents, and we enjoyed how timeless and iconic many of his designs are in the sphere of fashion.

The Balenciaga exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, is showing until February 2018. Click here for more information.

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